JohnnyOak_SCRNSTThere are some places that you walk by and you think one of three things: 1. WTF? 2. Hmmm... sounds interesting but kind of in a scary way or 3. You think nothing because it's so hard to notice. Johnny Oak's Po Boy & Shrimp Shack may evoke one or more of those responses when you pass it on High Street in an area just north of campus. We get it because well after seeing it for four years going to Ohio State, we thought the same things, which led us to think.... let's try it! A very small restaurant with an open kitchen and just two tables awaits when you enter the Shack and did we mention one of the tastiest and most unique flavors in Columbus are also in store?! Yeah... check this video out!



DirtyFranks_SCRNSTWith the burger being the Marsha Brady of meats we were excited to pay a little more attention to it's sometimes forgotten sibling, the hot dog. In the downtown area lies a little, hip hot dog joint called Dirty Frank's... we love the double entendre! Anywho, on a chilly Columbus night we were ready to be warmed up with some great eats and cool vibes from this highly buzzed restaurant. Check out the video to see what we thought!




 cbusbrewingcoPizza and a beer... sounds like a balanced diet to us. Okay maybe not balanced, actually not even ideal, I mean hey we just graduated from college... haven't we had enough pizza? Apparently not. We decided to try out a deal at the Columbus Brewing Company for dinner: $12 for a pizza and a beer. Quite the deal... not just because of the price, but more so because of the surprisingly awesome pizza and the in-house brewed beer didn't hurt either. Check out the video to get the full scoop on this semi-hidden but hardly semi-amazing restaurant!


 thurmansSome things that you hear about can only be labeled as myth, just a tall tale to pass on to the next generation but Thurman's 3/4 lb burgers are the real deal and they're delicious. In German Village, just on the other side of downtown Columbus, is a little cafe that has been tried by many. It is home to huge sandwiches and burgers and even the daunting "Thurmantor." We try to conquer these massive burgers on our own... see how it all pans out.



 cafeistanbulNeed a little bit of adventure in your life? How about traveling to Turkey? If you need a great place to take a special someone on a date or you need a great place to hang with the girls for drinks, this may be the spot. Cafe Istanbul has one of the most beautiful decors in Columbus. It feels like you are in a scene from Sex and the City 2, ya know when the girls are in Abu Dhabi. Okay wrong country but you get it, the decadence and beauty are definitely there. Check out the video. I brought along my roommate Laura and Anita brought her sister!