Knead a good sandwich? Knead a drink? Knead a dessert? Yeah... we know you do and so does Knead as they will show you with their  cl e ver sayings and  smart local ingredients. In a prime location on High Street in the Short North near the Arena District is the hip restaurant Knead.   You've probably walked past it and wondered what exactly was being kneaded in this place, that's what we've been wondering for a few months now so we decided to check it out. See if we came out needing more Knead in our video review!




 AabIndia_SCRNST"People of the World! Spice Up Your Life!" Take a note from the Spice Girls and please don't act like you don't know the song because you know you had the album AND saw Spice World. Whether or not you admit to loving the Spice Girls you have to agree they were right about the spice thing... it's good. We found a range of spiciness at Aab India in Grandview, from hot to sweet and even tangy, there's something there to please any taste bud. On a very hot summer day we decided to check out this exotic gem. See what we thought in our video review!


Last Updated on Feb282012

Mohawk_SCRNSTRivalries are as old as man from David and Goliath to Ohio State and Michigan and neighborhood rivalries are no different, especially here in Columbus with so many distinctive neighborhoods to choose from it's easy to see why their inhabitants take such pride in the places they call home. The Short North may be on the edge of downtown but just on the other side of the city lays it's very own rival in German Village, a neighborhood that rivals the artsy bustle of the Short North with it's historic cobblestone streets, romantic eateries and park. We ventured to the other side of downtown to check out the majestic German Village and try out a staple on Mohawk Street, The Old Mohawk. See what we thought of this restaurant in our video review!


 Commonwealth_SCRNSTThe sandwich... really it should replace apple pie in that saying "As American as apple pie" because we all know we are too lazy to make a pie and how many of us even know how to cook? Thankfully great new spots are popping up all over Columbus and this little nook of a sandwich bar in the Short North is great fix for those of us who can't even make sandwiches. With fresh ingredients and savory meats I doubt we could make these types of sandwiches if we tried! See what we thought in our video review!


 MozartCafe_SCRNAfternoon tea? Light piano with your espresso? Did we go to Europe and not tell anyone? Ummm no we would obviously be shouting that from the rooftops but we did get a bit of European flair at Mozart's Cafe in Clintonville. A cafe that offers expected coffee shop treats plus a wide range of sweet and even unexpected goodies. Mozart's has a full menu for lunch and dinner but we opted to stick to their many desserts and coffee drinks. Sweets in the afternoon... sounds like something our mothers would disapprove of... see what kind of trouble we find on our lunch outing!