SunnySt_SCRNST Nationwide Boulevard home to concerts, sporting events, a movie theatre and even some bars, with all of that nighttime entertainment it can be easy to forget that hey... you need breakfast too! Near the corner of Nationwide Boulevard and Neil Avenue sits the earliest riser on the block, Sunny Street Cafe. Not your average whole in the wall of a breakfast spot, this spacious and naturally lit eatery offers up some delicious and fresh breakfast food all day. While we're probably more comfortable in our normal greasy-spoons we'll try out this neat and tidy breakfast joint, see how we liked it in the video review!


 HangOver_SCRNSTCampus area perhaps the most fitting place to house a restaurant called Hang Over Easy right? Located on Neil Avenue this breakfast nook brings in a diverse mix of people from Ohio State freshmen to professionals at the OSU Medical Center to hot med students... just sayin. After a hard night of partying the name of this restaurant was calling us so see how Hang Over Easy stacks up against the competition in our video!


 Tasi_SCRNSTNothing like a good warm breakfast on a snowy morning here in Columbus, OH so we set out to find just that. Thankfully Tasi had a full menu of breakfast foods that were available for us order even at Noon!  The modern, hip finishes didn't take away from the coziness of this semi-hidden cafe. While most businesses find their home on High Street Tasi is tucked away in Pearl Alley just one block away from all of the hustle and bustle. We chose to sit at the bar and watch the cooks do their magic and every dish that came out looked more delicious than the last but how was food? Find out in what we think in one of our favorite videos so far!


 firstwatchWe ventured to First Watch in Worthington for a bit of breakfast the other day. We always get excited when there's a possibility for pancakes, coffee and if it's Anita... apparently anything pumpkin flavored. Now this location is near the kind of deserted Worthington Mall and at a noon brunch on a week day it's pretty packed with an older demographic in Columbus... so it was a bit out of our element but walking around the mall was peaceful after we ate. We definitely have some mixed reviews on this one:  Does anyone frown when there are pancakes around? Find out.


 jackandbennysBreakfast, the meal of champions, also one of the most difficult meals to find in Columbus. However there is a hidden gem called Jack and Benny's. Okay well it's not that hidden but it still has an amazing breakfast menu. This small diner style restaurant has a menu full of delectable breakfast favorites. From your standard eggs and bacon to the creative Buckeye Pancakes there is something for everyone.  Watch the video below and then check out Courtney and Anita's opinions under the video.