Bars and Clubs

 cantinaWant to take a trip to Mexico? Don't have the cash huh? That's ok, Columbus, OH has a nice little Mexican escape in Park Street Cantina. With a large spacious patio you immediately feel like you've stepped into a bit of a wonderland. From swings to seats that resemble bongos, an island gateway is possible on Park Street. With four bars, a club-like dance space and different music for the inside and outside there seems to be something for everyone. Cantina lies in the middle of Park Street so it tends to draw people from the college bars, young professional bars and is a hot spot for out-of-towners. Watch the video to see what we thought!




 Novaks_SCRNST"Looks like a house." "Looks like the back of a townhouse." "Yeah... definitely not a bar." Some of the thoughts that may float through your head when you see the tucked away gem that is Novak's. This bar rests right in front of the North Market in the Arena District with entrances on High Street and Spruce Street. Pool tables, a lengthy bar and a rooftop patio all combine to make Novak's a pretty enjoyable experience. To go along with it's homey appeal there are dumpsters right below the patio... not a good combo with the Summer heat so be warned. That could be what we encountered in our review, watch the video to find out!



 CharBar_SCRNSTThe Arena District in all of it's wonder is often over run by the young and sometimes fake-ID bearing children of the night, at times enraging us old folks who need to play too! Just on the outskirts of the Arena District where it meets the Short North rests a bar that is actually old enough to drink... Char Bar which has been around for 21 years is a pleasant change of pace from the usual suspects visited in the Arena District. Not to be counted out, there is plenty of fun to be had at Char Bar with a pool table, darts, and a patio, plus a long bar that offers some of Columbus' own liquor! Watch the video to see the fun we had and meet Charles the owner!



 unionUnion's $3 Long Islands and Anita Kwan... we knew were in for a good time when Anita's favorite drink was the special of the night at Union Cafe located in the Short North. Even on a snowy night in Columbus, the place was packed! We happened to stop by on a night with a Drag show and couldn't wait for the fun to begin! Watch the video to see this hip, hot bar in action!


WallStreet_SCRNSTjpgTucked away in an alley, Wall Street seems to beckon only those that know where the club actually is, however with Columbus' amazing gay community it's difficult to keep such a gem under wraps. Just past the Arena District entering downtown about one block off of High Street is Wall Street Night Club. This high energy lesbian night club has two levels and a spacious dance floor. Two girls donned with green "available" colored glowing wristbands had to have some fun, right? See what we thought and if we can dance in our video review!