It may seem odd to have a sentence that would infer that Columbus is better than anything. As the modest and friendly citizens of Columbus would tell you, we are probably “as good as” some other things but better is an unnecessary use of words. I mean, someone’s feelings might get hurt. If you come to visit all you need to make a new friend is a case of beer and corn-hole boards. Throw in an “O-H” and leave out that you have ever lived in, been to or flown over Michigan and you could have a friend for life. However, times they are a changin’.


With several of the country’s largest companies headquarted here, a growing entrepreneurial spirit, some of the best eats around and a love of craft brews and liquors, Columbus has a lot to brag about. And brag we will. For too long Columbus has been nice. Now there’s nothing wrong with nice but when was the last time nice got anyone anywhere and with anything they wanted? Didn’t think so. It only took us 200 years to grow some balls but it’s never too late to start telling everyone why you’re so fabulous! Other cities watch your back, Columbus is better than you.



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Columbus is Better Than...