About Us

ThisIsColumbus.com is a video review website about Columbus, OH but our aim is not only to change the way you view Columbus, it's also to change the way you perceive reviews.  Our goal is to give our viewers an honest and full experience of life in Columbus, OH. From food to nightlife we are giving you the full experience of what it's like to live, work and play in Columbus. In order to deliver the full experience we film our reviews so age old questions like:

Umm... what should I wear to this place? Or,dancing_machines

Is this a sitting type of bar or will I be expected to dance?

Will be answered with a visual. <thumbs up>

We may not be the most eloquent but we are the most real. We not only use video so that you can see the venues we review but also so you can see our personalities and get to know us better. Hopefully the more you know about us, the more you can trust our opinions.

Key word here: Opinions. We're human just like everyone else, so we may insert our own personal biases here and there but we will try to avoid that. Just keep in mind our reviews reflect our personal opinions about the venues we visit and we will always be viewing the venues from the standpoint of a young professional. Young = under 35 but that's only because we're like 22 so don't be offended, over 35 isn't old.



Why Columbus?

Columbus is the 15th largest city in the nation and is a thriving city at that. From advances in technology to a bursting entrepreneurial spirit, there is not only much to do in Columbus but there is much to explore and build right here! We love this city!

So... Check out our reviews in each of the sections. Give us your feedback. Take our polls. Let us know where we should go and what we should check out next. Help us show the nation the real Columbus, OH or as we like to call it: The City of Limitless Opportunities!

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