Restaurant Week: Lindeys

We know, we're way late on the whole Restaurant Week thing. It happened in January and we're getting this post up in March but hey we couldn't let the delectable meal we had at Lindey's go unnoticed. Nestled in German Village with snow on the ground Lindey's looked like something out of a storybook.Lindeys

Paintings hang elegantly around this large yet cozy restaurant with detailed ceilings and classic hit music playing softly, that creates quite the sophisticated atmosphere. I know, what were we doing here? Thankfully with the amazing three course pricing of Restaurant Week: Columbus 2012 we were able to enjoy this lovely yet expensive eatery. We explain all about Restaurant Week and the delicious meals we got in our video review, so watch it! Oh, and we apologize for the quality. We didn't know what time Lindey's closed so we ended up arriving close to closing time and we didn't want to stick out any further by having a large camera out! :)


Lindey's from ThisIsColumbus on Vimeo.


Anita's Take

Lindey's was SO delicious!  At first, I thought the meals would be bite-size since it's a nicer, more expensive restaurant, but I was WRONG!  We left super full.  The pork belly with pineapple risotto was addicting.  It had some sweet Asian BBQ flavor to it, and the risotto was a nice complement.  My rainbow trout was cooked perfectly and the crab cake was sweet, non-greasy, and delicious.  Our server was was nice, the atmosphere is romantic, and it's in beautiful German Village.  I definitely recommend this place.

Courtney's Take

Whimsical would be the word to describe Lindey's. I loved the music selection and the intimate atmosphere. The second floor has seating for dining as well which helps to keep the cozy atmosphere. Our server was very attentive and super nice even though we were there close to closing time. The portions of the food were huge. Normally at a more upscale restaurant the portions seem to shrink but I was shocked that everything was rather large. Not only large but full of interesting flavors! This is a great spot for engaging conversation with old friends or a fancy dinner date. I would like to go back and check out their bar, seemed pretty lively! I'm really glad that it was an option included with Restaurant Week because I don't think I would have ventured here otherwise. Definitely a place to add to your "Eat Here Soon! List" on Pintrest. Everyone has one of those right?


Want to try out Lindey's for yourself?

169 East Beck Street

Columbus, OH 43206

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