North Market Food & Ohio Wine Festival

 WineFest2011_SCRNSTWine and Food… that’s like saying Yen and Yang or Courtney and Anita…. They just complement one another so well. We went to check out North Market’s Annual Food and Wine Festival on a VERY hot day in Columbus. Entry was $10 which got you a wine glass (however since we went on Sunday, the last day of the festival, they had run out) and 10 tickets for tastings. Spruce Street in the Arena District was just down from end to end and filled with vendors from local wineries all over Columbus. We braved the heat to taste wine and found relief inside of the North Market where we tried out some of the best local has to offer! See what we thought of this annual event and just how pink Anita’s cheeks got in our video review!


Columbus Food and Ohio Wine Fest from ThisIsColumbus on Vimeo.


Anita's Take:

OMG IT WAS SOO HOTTTT!!!!  But despite that, people love their wine and there was a large crowd!  I don't remember why I didn't buy any drink tickets... probably because I was still hung-over from the day before.  But even so, I was still prepared with water, a backpack, and cameras to capture the fun that was going on.  Spruce Rd was closed off for the event and it's right next to the North Market.  I walked from my apartment (in Clintonville) so I didn't have to deal with parking.  There was live music going on and some tables with free give-a-ways if you sign up for them.  The people behind the wine tables were nice and enthusiastic.  Overall it was fun.  Just expect to get hot and sweaty.

Courtney’s Take:

This is a sweet event... especially if you're a wine lover! I first went last year, which was significantly less hot, and I had a blast so I told Anita we had to check it out! This festival is so great because it’s not just local by way of Columbus but people from all over Ohio come out to share their products. For $10 we got a lot for our money from not just the tasting but live music and games too! That creepy statue guy was there… he seriously scares me a little but it is pretty entertaining to watch him. Try this event out, it doesn’t disappoint.

Want to try out the North Market Food & Ohio Wine Festival for yourself?

Check out the website here!



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