Glenn McEntyre



Glenn_IamCbus_SCRNST"That's what I love about Columbus, that 3 and half years into living here I'm still sort of discovering those hidden gems. Every week you could go out and find a new one."


A hip-hop enthusiast, avid Twitter user and an all around fun-lover... not exactly the adjectives one would expect to be used when describing a news reporter, right? Well, it does describe 10TV News' general assignment reporter, Glenn McEntyre. A man that is constantly on the move from filming news reports on-location to mingling at networking events to charming Columbus citizens 140 characters at time, Glenn is definitely a man of the city. From his understanding of it's uniqueness to the admiration of it's various areas, Glenn loves Columbus, OH. Find out more in his IamColumbus video below!


IAmColumbus: Glenn McEntyre from ThisIsColumbus on Vimeo.



Thanks so much to everyone at 10TV News that allowed us to see behind the scenes! It was awesome!


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