Tasi_SCRNSTNothing like a good warm breakfast on a snowy morning here in Columbus, OH so we set out to find just that. Thankfully Tasi had a full menu of breakfast foods that were available for us order even at Noon!  The modern, hip finishes didn't take away from the coziness of this semi-hidden cafe. While most businesses find their home on High Street Tasi is tucked away in Pearl Alley just one block away from all of the hustle and bustle. We chose to sit at the bar and watch the cooks do their magic and every dish that came out looked more delicious than the last but how was food? Find out in what we think in one of our favorite videos so far!


Tasi from ThisIsColumbus on Vimeo.


Courtney's Take:

I got my standard pancakes and bacon... soon I will be able to tell you which place in town has the best! haha Perhaps I should branch out but anywho the bacon was awesome! It was a perfect combination of taste and health with little grease and a hearty taste. The pancakes were good but I didn't like the super sweet maple syrup. This cozy restaurant may be one of my favorite places so far. I had never been before and from its location to its almost non-existant parking area I was a little hestiant but the decor was modern and homie and the food was great! I would check this place out, very good as a date spot!

Anita's Take:

A great breakfast place in Victorian Village!  Too bad it only has 3 parking spaces, haha.  Anyway, this cute, little, hidden gem seems to have a lot of really good items on their menu.  Comfort food dishes with light, healthy, fresh ingredients.  I settled for Huevos Rancheros ($7) which I was very happy with!  Super chunky tomatoes with delicious, light seasoning and spices....eggs were made perfectly....unfortunately my tortilla didn't have a lot of black bean spread inside of it.  But other than that, I gobbled that whole thing up and was nice and full.  I definitely want to go back because they have such a large menu!  They even have beer, cocktails, wine, dessert, bread, soup, salad... ahhh!!  Dishes range between $7-12, and I'd say worth every penny.  The inside is small and modern so it's a potential "first date" place I'd say.  So who wants to take me out???  haha


Want to try out Tasi for yourself?

680 North Pearl Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Or check out their website here!

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