Gooeyz_SCRNSTGooeyz, a new sandwich spot in the South Campus Gateway, describes itself at "lazy, casual, fresh grilled cheese" they forgot to mention delicious. We thought we should try out this new spot after passing it a couple of times in the gateway.We went on a Monday night for a happy hour and were the only customers there so obviously we were gladly welcomed. We hung out upstairs in the "Hideout" which is the bar area of the restaurant. After a few drinks and looking over the menu 10 times we finally decided on what to get. Check out our meals in our video review and some outtake footage below- Fair warning there's PMS talk!




Gooeyz from ThisIsColumbus on Vimeo.

Anita's Take:

Gooeyz has a nice variety of grilled cheese sandwiches ranging from turkey, gyro, Cajun chicken, ect... and you can even build your own.  Price isn't too bad.  You can order half of a sandwich for around $4 and a whole one for around $6.  I got half of the Veggie Gooeyz because it named out a lot of delicious vegetables like mushrooms, eggplant, artichokes, and 8 other things...but unfortunately I was very underwhelmed when I received my food.  I barely tasted any of the veggies listed, other than the cheese, eggplant and the stuff that goes with every sandwich (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and cheese).  The side of seasoned fries are worth getting (around $3) and that was big enough for me and Courtney to share.  The seasoning had tastes of herbs and pepper, which was different but I really liked it.  The drinks are super cheap during happy hour! $1.50 wells and $1.25 bottles??  Good deal.  Together, our meal and drinks totaled around $17.  After saying goodbye to our friendly server, we had an easy walk to the car because the parking garage is right next door ($1/hr)!

Courtney's Take:

Yum. Probably the best word to describe the food here. I know we went here for Happy Hour but I'm never too fond of Happy Hours without food deals too. So it was just so so on the Happy Hour but I would suggest this place for lunch or dinner. The grilled sandwiches were amazing. I'm not a huge sandwich person normally but I do love cheese and there was plenty of that. I would have loved to see this place on a night with live music so we may have to go back and check that out. As far as atmosphere, this place has a fun set up. I like how the downstairs is more of a walk up and order setting and the upstairs is a bar. The bar area has a low ceiling and makes it feel more intimate while the downstairs is really open, more of a day space. Definitely a good combo of two worlds in one.

Want to try out Gooeyz for yourself?

1554 North High Street, Columbus, OH

Or visit their website here!

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