Lynd's Fruit Farm

 LyndFruit_SCRNSTIt's fall, the leaves are changing, the clothes getting heavier and the meals heartier so we thought it would be a perfect time to go apple picking! We headed out to Pataskala about 15 minutes away from Easton for some wide open land full of apples, pumpkins and yummy treats made from the fruits at Lynd's Fruit Farm. We went on a tractor ride, picked some apples, got the perfect pumpkin and go to try out some crazy jams and juices. This is definitely something you should try out this Fall, it's great to buy locally and get some fresh air. Check out the video to see the shenanigans we got into!



Lynd Fruit Farm from ThisIsColumbus on Vimeo.


Anita's Take:

Lynd's was fun. We were there for like 3 hours. The parking lot was packed but you can still find a spot. It was $10 for a 10lb bag to pick apples. We got like 20 apples (depending on the size).  The tractor ride was $2, but we only stopped for a min. to pick an apple then rode back which all together was probably 10 mins. Lots of cider and jam samples, tons of fruits and veggies to buy inside the tent. The kettle corn ($5) was addictive and the funnel cake ($5) was ok... it was too thick and greasy (and overpriced).  A fun place to go with family and friends during the fall season.

Courtney's Take:

This is an awesome little day outing. There were a bunch of cute kids running around meaning I barely opened my mouth because I curse like a sailor and I realized how childlike I am as I demanded that we ride the tractor and sit in the large chair. Whatever... you've got to be young at heart. I was in search for a pumpkin, I can't bake like the Kwans so apples were of no real use to me. Apple picking was awesome but it really wore us out. We decided to drive from the main tent to the apple orchard and had to wait in quite the lengthy car line to get a bag and find a spot. Once we parked we romped around the orchard looking for apples of all sizes for about 45 minutes. I was pretty exhausted after we paid for our apples so I decided to just buy a pre-picked pumpkin (say that 3 times fast!). We got some sweet treats but unfortunately all of the treats outside the tent were cash only... I hate cash only! I'm a waitress and I don't even carry cash.. just be prepared for that.


Want to try out Lynd's Fruit Farm for yourself?

9090 Morse Rd SW

Pataskala, OH




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