Age: 24

Homestate: Virginia 

What is your favorite thing about Columbus: I love the diversity of the area. You can be young and crazy with the college crowd or hip in the Short North or totally suburban just by going 15 minutes from the city's center. 

Nightowl or Morning Person? Totally nocturnal. I don't really wake up until like 10pm.

Embarassing traits? I laugh A LOT at my own jokes. Like not a 'haha,' like a belly laugh for 5 minutes and it's usually not that funny because I'm terrible at telling stories and jokes.

Bad Habits? I tend to look in the mirror a lot. And when I say mirror I mean any surface that shows a reflection.

Pet Peeves: Rude people and excessive abbreviators

Favorite Drink: Gin and tonic or red wine

Favorite TV Show: I'm a total Gleek (ie. Glee)

Hidden Talents: I can find my reflection in almost any surface

Favorite Social Media Medium: Twitter... a-f*cking-ddicted


Watch my video to learn more about me! What do I do for the website? What was I like in high school?