Ugly Tuna

 uglytunaAfter work drinks, after exam drinks, before a night downtown drinks... whatever the reason (no reason is necessary) Ugly Tuna's happy hour, quiply titled Ugly Hour is one of the best deals. All drinks minus their signature Fish Bowl are a dollar. A dollar for long islands, a dollar for beer, a dollar for whiskey and cokes. It's not about food at Ugly Tuna's two hour Ugly Hour... if you want a burger for a dollar here you'll have to go to McDonalds. At Ugly Hour it's all about the drinks. Check out the video!


Ugly Tuna from ThisIsColumbus on Vimeo.


Anita's Take:

First off, there’s garage parking near by and it’s $1 an hour which is good.  Since we went on a night before a game, it was packed with drunk college kids about 25 and under and it was tough trying to get through the bar.  More people also meant slower service, so it took us about 5 minutes to get a drink.  During that time I was getting hit on (yikes).  But I’ll tolerate that for $1 long islands!  Since they were kind of small, two of those got me buzzed.  They played some top hits and line dances even though there’s no real dance floor.  They only have 2 bathroom stalls so have fun waiting.  Overall it was fun, cheap, and energetic!

Courtney's Take:

I will be the last person to mind a crowded bar, I will be the last person to mind an empty bar... either way there is fun to be had. I really liked Ugly Hour, obviously the drink prices didn't hurt but the age range of the crowd is pretty descent. Normally when I go to bars near campus I feel somewhat like a pedophile (freshmen they just look older and older haha) okay not really but I do find myself feeling a bit old. I like Ugly Tuna because they are one of the more strict bars in terms of IDs and so it's difficult for underagers to get into the bar. Not only that but this bar is located right across the street from the apartments that many law students reside in.... now I'm not a huge fan of law students but it's nice to know that people who are done with undergrad are around. I like the music it's good for dancing and that's coming from me... I CAN NOT DANCE. I'd say if you don't mind making some new friends because of the close proximity that you'll find yourself in with strangers, you will be fine! Awesome pregaming spot before a downtown adventure plus there is a bus that heads downtown for free that picks Gateway goers for free every 30 minutes. It's the 7-11 parking lot which sounds sketch but get over yourself, its a deal.

Want to try out Ugly Hour for yourself?

1546 N High St
Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 297-8862

Check out their website!


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